On September 6, 2021, the Global NCD Alliance launched the Global Charter on Meaningful Involvement of People Living with Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) with the aim of harnessing the value of a lived experience in health policy, programming and decision making. With the Charter, the NCD Alliance is calling on organizations to have meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs embedded into their organizational practices. Further, the Charter is geared towards mobilizing all stakeholders including governments, international partners, private sector and civil society organization to act on NCDs.

While the Charter is a momentous step towards reducing the burden of NCDs, there is a growing body of need for organizations and individuals to be properly sensitized/educated on the document. Dissemination of the Charter is very crucial, owing to the fact that it has to be endorsed by all actors who wish to advance the goals and aspirations espoused in the document.

With NCD Champions during the dissemination of the Charter

In the run up to the Global Week for Action on NCDs, which usually takes place in September every year, I was, together with other NCDs advocates, involved in the dissemination of the Charter. I implored the stakeholders to equally disseminate the Charter and consequently endorse it. I was also keen to challenge organizations to commit themselves to reducing the burden of NCDs by ensuring that they faithfully implement the 10 key strategies outlined in the Charter. The Global Charter lays out 10 key strategies to guarantee that the voices and concerns of people living with NCDs are considered in the response to the epidemic. It underlines that meaningful involvement is crucial at all stages – from design and planning, through to implementation, monitoring and evaluation of NCD initiatives. The Global Charter is now open for endorsements from civil society organizations, governments, international partners and the private sector.  Progress on meaningful involvement will be tracked and key successes showcased. 

Watch the overview in the link below.

Read more: https://ncdalliance.org/what-we-do/capacity-development/our-views-our-voices/global-charter-on-meaningful-involvement-of-people-living-with-ncds

The Charter: https://ourviewsourvoices.org/global-charter

Published by Oduor Kevin

ODUOR KEVIN is a Public Health Specialist with considerable experience in the health care industry. He has worked in various organizations, leading projects and programs aimed at improving the health outcomes of people living with Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and the general population. Oduor Kevin is currently the Chief Programs Officer at Stowelink Inc, a youth-led organization with a single most focus on addressing the burden of NCDs. Oduor’s experience in project management is attributed to his work at Population Services Kenya (PSK) where he served as a member of the National Coordinating Committee for Kitu Ni Kukachora project. Further, in 2019, Oduor Kevin was appointed as Kenyatta University Campus Director by Millenium Campus Network (MCN) to supervise and lead Millennium Fellows in their Social Impact projects. During this assignment, he successfully supervised the fellows and delivered them for graduation under the banner of Millennium Fellowship.

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